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Pretty is as Pretty Does
Class Reunion Series - Book #1

Priscilla Slater goes to her ten-year high school reunion with equal parts dread and eager anticipation. Even though she’s a successful owner of a chain of hair salons and no longer has the mousy brown hair, crooked teeth, and discount-store wardrobe, she still feels like the ugly duckling. But when she arrives at the reunion, Priscilla soon realizes that her old classmates aren’t exactly as she remembers them. With humor and a just a touch of sassiness, Priscilla finds herself facing her own truth—and she may be surprised at what she discovers.

Bless Her Heart
Class Reunion Series - Book #2

As Priscilla Slater’s 15-year class reunion approaches, she decides to attend out of curiosity… and to flaunt her latest achievement—taking her business to a national level with the possibility of a TV show. As if getting ready for the event and putting up with the pranks of her former classmates isn’t enough, Pricilla’s hometown visit is further complicated by her parents’ separation.

With the once-solid sanctuary of her home broken at the foundation, there’s only one thing Priscilla’s parents can agree on: no matter what sort of accolades their daughter receives as a hair stylist, she’s not living up to her potential. Eager to escape the painful reality of her childhood home, Priscilla bolts as soon as a call from New York brings good news: her offer to purchase one of the best salons in the country is likely to come through. But returning to New York means returning to Tim, Priscilla’s best friend and business pal who has been impatiently suggesting their relationship should be more than a friendship. Despite her recent achievements, will Priscilla learn that success doesn’t always result in popularity—or love?

Tickled Pink
Class Reunion Series - Book #3

Priscilla Slater shows up at her 20-year reunion as a national celebrity. Her hair salon dynasty has skyrocketed, and to top it off, she has her own line of hair products. She has become a huge success with the “Ms. Prissy Big Hair” line that lets women with the thinnest of locks get the coveted “big hair” look so popular in the South. Her classmates have finally come to terms with adulthood, but they’re handling it with the grace of a Southern woman wearing white after Labor Day. It’s just downright awkward!

Asserting the maturity that her classmates have often lacked, Priscilla holds her head high. But she can’t ignore everything. When she catches her mother in the arms of her former high school principal, Priscilla can’t get out of town fast enough. Eager to get back to her more comfortable life, Priscilla runs head on into an ultimatum: Tim tells her they’re not getting any younger—as if she has to be reminded.

Waiting for a View
First book in the 
Bloomfield Series with authors Debby Mayne, Gail Sattler, Kathi Macias, and Martha Rogers

Garden Club vice-president Shirley Butler has never moved out of her family home, and she still works at the same card shop where she started her first job after high school. She is so resistant to change, in fact, that she never married Theo, the only man she ever loved. Her dad was an alcoholic, and her mother worked herself to death trying to keep the family from crumbling, so she felt that she had a right to be reluctant to jump into anything. After years of trying to convince her to marry him, Theo finally moved away and married someone else, leaving Shirley wading around in the aftermath of what might have been.

Brad Henderson, one of the guys she went to school with asks her out, but she turns him down, thinking it wouldn’t be fair to him since it would obviously be a rebound for her. He says he’s always wanted to get to know her better, and she needs to at least give him a chance.

With all that emotional baggage, will these two stubborn people ever get together? Well, if Naomi McCord, Murray the parrot, and the rest of the Bloomfield Garden Club members have anything to do about it they will.

Delight Yourself in the Lord...Even on Bad Hair Days
with Sandra D. Bricker, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Trish Perry

Using the great and small “bad hair days” of life, the authors deliver reminders that the first step toward triumph is joy in the Lord.Whether single or married, career girl or stay-at-home mom, today’s Christian woman is faced with daily obstacles. Delight Yourself in the Lord…Even on Bad Hair Days is a devotional filled with upbeat reminders about infusing hope and joy in the Lord as the first step toward conquering life’s problems and chasing down the desires of your heart. Through 100 funny and thought-provoking devotions, authors Sandra Bricker, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, Debby Mayne, and Trish Perry remind women to go back to the basics with God. And they even share a few private “bad hair confessions” along the way!

Be Still...and Let Your Nail Polish Dry
with Andrea Boeshaar, Sandra D. Bricker, and Loree Lough

Start the Crock-Pot. Go to the bank during lunch. Pick up cat food. Take Emily to ballet at 5:00. Go to choir practice. Run the dishwasher. Remember to breathe sometime today.... Today’s Christian women are busy. They’re wives, moms and businesswomen. They juggle families, careers, responsibilities and harried schedules. They look after the best interests of others, but have little time for themselves. Be Still...and Let Your Nail Polish Dry is a devotional designed for today’s busy women—women who need a moment to relax, refresh and think about their own spiritual well-being. With contemporary, upbeat, humorous devotions from beloved authors Andrea Boeshaar, Sandie Bricker, Debby Mayne and Loree Lough, women will renew their spirits and grow closer to God in the time it takes to paint a set of fingernails.

Love Finds You on Christmas Morning
with Trish Perry

Two women receive marriage proposals in the same house— 85 years apart. Love finds a home on Christmas morning in two heartwarming holiday stories.

 “Deck the Halls”

In 1925, the wealthy William Tronnier becomes smitten with the lovely but penniless Lillian

Pickard. As Christmas descends on the picturesque town of Cary, North Carolina, William plans to make Lillian a proposal she can’t refuse.

 “'’Tis the Season”

Nikki Tronnier moves back home to Cary, North Carolina, with plans to buy back the Tronnier family home built by her great-grandfather, William, for his bride, Lillian. But before she is able to make an offer, the handsome Drew Cornell buys the house just before Christmas.

For the Love of Pete
a Bloomfield novel

Widow Bethany Hanahan is trying in vain to fill an empty heart and an empty nest. The result is a home filled to the brim, but something is still missing. That’s when her new gardening club friends come to the rescue, encouraging her to let go of the past as well as the present clutter –emotional, spiritual, and physical. It’s not long before Bethany is finding friends, not bargains, to fill her days. But has her life become too full for someone like Pete Sprockett, a childhood friend, for whom her romantic feelings are beginning to bloom? Join the quirky, loving community of Bloomfield as they do what they do best – poke their well-meaning noses in and intervene in times of need –in author Debby Mayne’s second novel in what has become a five book series about a community where life is simple and love is real.

Dixie Belle

Cissy Hillwood needs to leave her Alabama hometown to escape her abusive boyfriend, so she accepts an offer to work for her Uncle Forest in New York City. Sparks fly when she meets Forest’s fiercest competitor, Tom Jenkins, but her uncle does not approve of their budding romance.

Tom is a Christian at night and on weekends, but he seems to leave his faith at the door when he gets to work. Yet the more time he spends with Cissy, the more he begins to question and reevaluate his business ethics.

As Cissy tries to keep her relationship with Tom a secret from her Uncle Forest, misunderstandings mount and conflicts arise, forcing Cissy to make a decision. Which should she choose: loyalty to her uncle or love for Tom?

Trouble in Paradise

Southern belle Charlene Pickford finds herself in a pickle after landing the job of her dreams in New York City. Her boss Alan might be attractive, but when it becomes obvious that he's hiding some deep, obviously very dark secret, she feels an overwhelming urge to flee. 

She could go back to Georgia to help her parents—even though they've made it clear that they don't want her hovering. Or she can stick around and see what happens with her career and her feelings for Alan. Decisions, decisions, decisions … 

Southern fiction lovers will enjoy the accents, the foods, and the ways these belles handle their new home and friends in the big city.

Complete Book List

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Silver Bells Christmas Novella Amazon 2014
Murder Under the Mistletoe (Summer Walsh series - written as Deborah Tisdale) Amazon 2014
Gun in the Garden (Summer Walsh series - written as Deborah Tisdale) Amazon 2015
Trouble in Paradise (Belles in the City series) Amazon 2015
One Foot Out the Door (Belles in the City series) Amazon 2015